Lactose India has again pioneered the manufacturing of Disaccharide Lactulose, a versatile bulk API. It is a one of a kind plant in the whole of Asia with a capacity to manufacture 2400 MT / Annum. Lactulose is used in the treatment of Constipation, Hepatitis Encephalopathy, Intestinal Microflora, Dental Care, Diabetes, Chronic Liver Disease & as an effective Prebiotic.

Disaccharide Lactulose (galacto-fructose) is synthesized from lactose (galacto-glucose) by isomerization of glucose to fructose. Each molecule of galactose is linked to a molecule of fructose.

Lactulose reaches the colon unchanged, where the bacteria of the intestines metabolise it, and produce a number of short chain fatty acids. This process initiates a large number of effects in the gastrointestinal tract:

  • Laxative-osmotic
  • Ammoniac binding
  • Pre-biotic
  • Maintains the healthy good bacteria in the colon.
  • It is non- toxic and non-habit forming.
  • It does not develop a tolerance so no need for increase in dosage,
  • Can be safely used by and recommended to:
  • Pregnant women
  • Elderly Patients
  • Nursing mothers
  • Children
  • Patients with Chronic Liver Disease
  • Post Surgical Patients

The scientific and clinical trials with Lactulose have regarded it as a Prebiotic – Health Ingredient and since it is made from natural milk sugar, it is regarded as quiet safe in use of all the food items.